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Advance Java Online Training

Complete Advanced Java Certification And Training
For Beginners And Professionals

Java is an open-source, high-level programming language used for developing different kinds of applications. Advanced Java consists of Java Enterprise Edition and different frameworks targeted at enterprise application development, web application development, and network-centric application development. A thorough understanding of Restful APIs, Web Services, and MVC is quite useful for building any kind of application. Spring, Hibernate, and Struts are some of the most popular Java frameworks. Advanced Java Online Training from Lernentek is useful for all the things required to become a Java Developer.

A Word From Our Lernentek Technology Experts

Java EE is built using Java SE. Our experts would like to tell you something about Advanced Java and its advantages.

  1. Jakarta EE provides support for the development of distributed applications.
  2. It makes JDBC connections easier.
  3. It simplifies the process of building multitier applications.
  4. It has a huge pool of libraries providing support for application development.
  5. Different Java frameworks provide the option to build secure applications for
    functionalities like banking and online transactions.
  6. It is useful for learning technologies like Hadoop and cloud-native.
  7. Java has good community support.

Advanced Java online certification from Lernentek is a well-researched approach in helping you apply the above functionalities with ease. We make sure that you can adapt and work on any Java framework after the successful completion of our Advanced Java online training.

Pre-requisites for Advance Java Online Training and Certification

OOP (Object Oriented Programming) concepts and Core java basics such as Collections and Thread Handling are more than enough to start your Advanced Java Online Tutorial.

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Is Core Java Online Training For You?

If you come under any of the following categories, then Core Java Online Training is a must for you.

  1. You are a graduate or a professional willing to become a software developer or a full stack developer.
  2. You want to have the skills desired by the IT industry.
  3. You like developing games/web applications/mobile applications or any kind of other apps.
  4. You are new to computer programming and looking for a start.
  5. You want to communicate with electronic devices using Java technology.
  6. You want to learn Core Java and then move on to learning Advanced Java.
  7. Programming fascinates you.
  8. You want to work with top MNCs like Oracle, Goldman Sachs, Wipro, JP Morgan and Chase, Netflix, Google, Amazon, and many more.

Industry Trends Of The Day

Java has a bright future. The demand for developers with knowledge of Jakarta EE, Servlets, Restful APIs, HTTP protocols, and frameworks like Strut, Spring, Hibernate is increasing every day. Companies are always on the lookout for individuals with Advanced Java training. The skills possessed by a java developer are of utmost importance in any IT industry today. Many top companies like Instagram, Uber, Airbnb use Java to develop their products and services. At present, more than 64000 companies are using Java in the US alone. 

Jakarta EE and Spring/Springboot are among the top technologies for developing cloud-native applications. 95% of enterprise applications are built using frameworks based on Java. Online training in Advanced Java is can help you give a boost to your career in no time.

One Of The Highest Paying Jobs Of The Decade

According to Glassdoor, an entry-level Junior Java Developer can easily earn up to $74,405 per year. The average salary range for a Junior Java Developer is from $47,169 to $106,610 per year.

On average, senior Java developers earn $95,787 per year. Their salary ranges from $70,257 to $139,132 per year.

The demand for online applications is increasing with each passing day. Most companies are shifting their services from offline to online mode leading to the high demand for Java developers in every industry.

Advantages of Advance Java Online Training

  1. After completing your Advanced Java Online training with Lernentek, you will be able to:
  2. Build Java applications from scratch.
  3. Build multitiered applications with ease.
    Use Java frameworks to build applications with client and server architecture.
  4. Grab high-paying IT jobs.
  5. Develop secure web applications for transactions.
  6. Use MVC(Model View Controller) in your application.
  7. Have a thorough understanding of Restful APIs, servlets, HTTP protocols, session tracking, JDBC connections, Socket connection, and JSP(Jakarta Server Pages earlier
    known as Java Server Pages).


A.Maximum Duration would be 35hrs

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A. 100% amount would be refunded, If you are not satisfied the training 

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Enrolled in this after completing Core Java Training. Best course so far!

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